Pools, beach, sport and entertainment

Tbilisi Sea Club

“Pools, water sports and entertainment”

The Tbilisi Sea Club is located on the gulf of a lovely cape. Entrance will be available starting this summer from 08:00 till 20:00. Chaise Lounges and parking are free. 2 pools, beaches on pontoons and terraces. We offer a full service of water sports and entertainment. Playgrounds and pools for children are also free.

Here’s what you can do at the club:

Common beach vacation
Lease of beach zones for groups of holidaymakers Rent an individual bungalow
Water sliding
The child’s pool on the beach is free Water skiing
Water skiing practice (The first try with hard rig)
Water balloon or mattress sliding:
Hire a sailboat (KONDRAD-25) for a maximum of 5 people Hire a sailboat along with an instructor for a maximum of 5 people Sailing Learning Courses: Five Lessons
A motorized kit for a maximum of 5 men
Wind surfing courses
Hire a bicycle
Underwater diving courses
Fishing lovers: fishing and fishing equipment (club produces fish on the beach) Water parachute flights.